My journey in time and space



Do Angels and Light beings exist? What do they look like and what do they want from us?

«My journey in time and space», is Artist and healer Reidun Haavik’s debut book, where she realizes how she can re-connect with Love for herself and become complete again. 

Honest and without pretence, she paints pictures from her inner being and her travels in time and space, through dimensions we all have within us and may explore if we choose to. She shares her path without judging, moralizing or preaching. Her message is neither religious nor invasive, and does not portray the right way to live; it is simply about Love. Love for all that is herself and the Divine in all of us.

Unique and fascinating photos of Angels and Light beings



During her journey, Reidun experiences energies around her; she is able to capture in photos. In her book, she shares more than 100 authentic photos of what she calls Earth angels, Light beings and Orbs, and they will without a doubt, fascinate you and make you wonder. Have Angels actually materialized through her camera? Reidun feels it is up to you to choose what you perceive and how it might affect you, since she speaks from her own truth.


In addition to the photos, she has shared several of her own beautiful, intuitive paintings, some even confirmed by photos later on, as an intricate co-creation materializes.

Reidun says; This is a book with many pictures and some text, which mirrors much of how I see life.

You may see life through beautiful pictures that come from Love. On the other hand, you may see life through words that also come from Love.

In this way, I choose to share many of the photos I have taken the past two years, and allow readers to decide what it all means to them.

Every photo contains healing energy, and by looking at them and listening from the heart, your inner soul’s heart will tell you what they mean to for you.»

The book is written with a warm, lighthearted and humorous touch as it travels down parts of Reiduns childhood and life path, when she is raped twice and injured in a car accident and disabled. As most people, her life is affected by these experiences she talks openly about, but she learns how she can let go of feelings that have kept her for loving herself completely and without judgment.

-Everything comes from Love. I believe in the Divine in all people. I encourage those whom read my book, to love you. Because you are worth it.



Reidun Haavik



Book reviews:

By Cheryl Ann Lien

Oct 20, 2012

Wonderful book, of one womans journey within herself. It is a living example, that the possibilities are endless, when we open our minds and hearts with love and appreciation that we are all connected in this universe.I highly recommend this book. The photos of light beings, angels, orbs,alone are so unique.


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